Galaxy Buds Market Research

Image by Daniel Romero

Project Description

This project was early in my academic career at Binghamton University and my first experience with data driven marketing. The project consisted of choosing a specific product from a brand and conducting market research (ie. a survey and analysis) on the target consumer base. For our project, we chose the Samsung Galaxy Buds as we all took an interest to wireless earbuds, although we wanted to research a different brand that Apple to see a comparison. We chose Apple's main competitor Samsung because we realized that there was a strange phenomenon where although consumers of smartphones are split quite evenly between Apple and Samsung, Apple had a much larger market share than Samsung in the wireless headphone market. Many of my team members had also not hear of these headphones either. 

We began our market research by conducting interviews to figure out what kinds of questions we wanted to include in our survey. We then created and sent out our survey to many of our peers. In our initial interview phase, we gained some insight that gave us a different purpose for our project. We realized that many people had said that they had never seen or did not remember seeing an ad for Galaxy Buds, whereas they had seen ads for Apple's AirPods. We used this insight to hypothesize that Samsung's market share was significantly lower than Apple's in the wireless headphone market due to a lack of brand awareness. In our survey, we included more questions to see if our hypothesis was true. Finally, we performed Correlation and Regression Analysis using Microsoft Excel's Data Analysis tool pack to test our hypothesis.



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