Mazda Live Case Competiton

Project Description

Mazda USA executives explained to us during their presentation that they wanted us to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for their newest target consumer which they called the "independent achiever". The independent achiever is a group of mostly male consumers who prioritize price and safety, while also wanting luxury features when in the market for a new car.

My team met twice a day during what the School of Management called J-Core Week (J-Core means Junior Core courses for SOM students) to develop our marketing campaign. We noticed in our analysis that a decent percentage of consumers, particularly in this target market, were not upgrading their Mazda CX-5s to the CX-9s. To attack this problem, we decided to first revamp the dealership experience to align with the needs of the new target market while also encouraging sales of the CX-9s by offering them as loaner vehicles. Then, we wanted to align the general advertising strategy with the target market and families, as many consumers in the age group for independent achievers were starting families. Finally, we saw an opportunity to include a rewards program which we called "Miles for Miles" where customers could receive flying points for driving their vehicle more. I mainly worked on the dealership experience during the course of this project.

Due to our work on this project, my team was selected as one of seven groups out of one hundred to present our campaign to Mazda executives, and we obtained first place in the entire competition. We were proud of the work we put into this project, and I personally have used this experience to benefit my education at Binghamton.


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