My Projects

Here you can find relevant projects I worked on throughout my academic career. Many of the projects include data analysis and visualization which I then applied to marketing strategies. I learned different techniques such as cluster analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis and used softwares such as Microsoft Excel, Google Ads and Analytics, and IBM SPSS. Click "Read More" after each project description to get a deeper overview of the projects and what I learned from them.


Emerging Leaders Program Service Learning Project

In the fall semester of 2019, I was selected to participate in the Binghamton University Emerging Leaders Program - a program designed for new students to gain leadership experience on campus and in the local community with like-minded students. I was assigned to the Business and Entrepreneurship Knowledge Community. Each team was tasked with choosing a cause to base a service learning project around in the community. My team decided to empower small businesses in the area by planning and executing a Small Business Fair where small business owners could advertise their business and network with other business owners and the community.

Mazda Live Case Competition

In my coursework, I was assigned a team at the end of the fall 2019 semester to complete a live case competition. The classes required to participate in the project during the semester were Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Operations Management, and Introduction to Marketing. Executives from Mazda USA traveled to Binghamton University to give a presentation on our assignment. Then, during the following week, classes were cancelled and we were required to meet with our teams to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to address the problem presented.

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Visions Federal Credit Union Digital Marketing Campaign

During my last semester in the fall of 2021, I was tasked with developing a digital marketing campaign for a local credit union for my Social Media Marketing course. In August, we were assigned teams, and we chose industry specific roles to determine how we would approach and work on the project. A marketing manager from the company came to our class to discuss the prompt for our project and sent out a request for proposals. We were tasked with creating a business proposal and presentation by the end of the semester to present to our instructors and the marketing manager of Visions FCU. 

Automotive Industry Cluster Analysis

For the MBA level course, Data Driven Marketing, I was assigned a team whose task was to choose a product and perform a cluster analysis which we were to utilize to create a basic marketing strategy including the 4 P's of Marketing - Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. My team chose a car as our product, which developed our project into an analysis of the automotive industry and insights into what consumers prioritized when in the market for a new vehicle. We developed a survey which we sent out to 50 participants and used the data to perform a cluster analysis using IBM's SPSS software. 

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Image by Carlos Muza

Targeted Advertisements Analysis

For my Consumer Behavior course, my team was required to choose a topic of interest in the consumer behavior field and use academic research to present our findings to the class. We were required to use statistical information and topics based on behavioral economics learned throughout the semester to explain the phenomena we discovered throughout our research. My group found interest in how consumers perceive targeted ads based on a study on the retail store Target, claiming that the company knew that a teenage girl was pregnant before her friends and family knew. We decided to survey our peers in addition to using academic research to learn more about this topic

Galaxy Buds Market Research

At the beginning of 2020, I took a Marketing Research course where my group for the semester was required to choose a product of interest, gather information and survey results to develop preliminary insights into the interests of the target consumers for the product. My group chose Samsung's Galaxy Buds, wireless earphones and the competitor of Apple's Air Pods. My group initially choose this product because we wanted to understand why Samsung struggled to gain market share in the wireless headphone/earphone space, but continued our research to determine what consumers desired in terms of this industry in general. We designed our survey to first determine the target consumers needs for wireless earphones in general, and then to gain more insights on the lack of market share for Samsung specifically.

Image by Daniel Romero