Targeted Advertisements Analysis

Image by Carlos Muza

Project Description

My team chose to look at how consumers react to and feel about ads that use their information to target them. We became interested in this topic because of a story regarding the retailer, Target, using a consumers information to recommend items to her based on her searches. Due to this approach to digital advertising, Target knew that this customer was pregnant before her friends and family did. Our question when starting our research was "do consumers feel violated by how companies use their information to target them in advertising?" and "is there any situation where targeted ads based on consumer information is okay?"

In the first phase of our consumer research, we looked up academic articles to find out how consumers feel about data and how it is used by corporations. We also looked deeper into the Target story to use for the basis of our presentation as well as an anecdote that many of our peers were familiar with. The second phase of our project consisted of a survey and the analysis of the results using Microsoft Excel's Data Analysis tools. During the project, I was responsible for the second phase in performing correlation and regression analysis of our results. Although in hindsight I had hoped we had more survey results so that the analysis would give us a bigger picture, it was a very interesting project in the information we found in the first phase of the project. It was also a great experience to use data to find insights to something that may affect consumers in my career.



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